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Macomb County
Job Description
OneMacomb, an initiative of Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel, wishes to contractually engage a Project Manager to lead the development of a strategic plan for the social and economic integration of immigrants and multicultural residents into our community. The plan will be a set of intentional, systematic steps that respond to and move toward the Macomb County community’s broad vision for the future, beginning with OneMacomb’s vision: A community that welcomes all people and celebrates their unique contributions.

We are extending the deadline for the attached Request for Quote to 5:00 PM on July 15.  Please note the following:

1.       Vendors who submitted quotes earlier are welcome to extend or amend their original submissions, though this is not necessary in order to be considered.

2.       Electronic submissions as well as hard-copy submissions are acceptable.  If you wish to submit electronically, please send your submission to with the header "Project Manager RFQ.

Hard-copy submissions should be sent to: 
Attn: Janine Sechrist
Department of Health & Community Services
Macomb County Administration Building – 8th Floor
One South Main Street
Mount Clemens MI 48043


The successful applicant for the position of Project Manager
- May be an individual or a firm;
- Must possess the personal and interpersonal qualities and abilities needed for this project, including
the ability to build relationships with persons from diverse backgrounds, to motivate and guide others
with patience and empathy, to act with discretion, independent judgment, and political acumen, and
to demonstrate adaptability, creativity, flexibility, and integrity;
- Must have experience with project management and experience as a group facilitator, including
excellent meeting management skills and knowledge of group governance and decision making
- Must be supportive of multiculturalism and of racial and social equity;
- Must have experience in working with communities of color;
- Must have experience in community-based assessment or planning;
- Must have experience in data analysis and report writing, including the writing of well-formatted final
reports; and
- Must have experience in working directly with one or more non-dominant segments of the
community, including but not limited to:
a. Immigrants and refugees;
b. Persons of color;
c. Members of ethnic populations which are relatively new to Macomb County;
d. Native speakers of languages other than English;
e. Persons with visual/hearing/physical/speech/cognitive impairments; and
f. Persons of different types of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
The successful applicant will be responsible for helping OneMacomb fulfill the grantee expectations of
our Gateways for Growth (G4G) Challenge Grant (see appended information), which was awarded to
OneMacomb by the Partnership for a New American Economy Research Fund (PNAERF) and
Welcoming America. The successful applicant will be familiar with and comfortable with the process
described in Welcoming America’s “Community Planning Process Guide,” which can be found at:
1. Convene a broad group of community partners and conduct an initial meeting, two subsequent
meetings at appropriate intervals, and a final meeting of those partners.
a. OneMacomb will advise about the initial cohort of community partners to be convened. Expect
50-75 participants, including one or more representatives from each of the following sectors:
- Business;
- Education;
- Ethnic community-serving organizations;
- Faith-based and charitable organizations
- Government (economic development and workforce agencies);
- Government (elected officials);
- Government (human and social service agencies);
- Health care organizations
- Housing and transportation providers
- Immigrant and refugee-serving organizations;
- Individuals with impairments-serving organizations;
- Law enforcement;
- Media
- Racial and social equity organizations
- SOGIE-involved organizations
b. Includes meeting evaluation and maintaining documentation of what occurs during meetings.

2. Solicit, review, and present to community partners at meetings existing data and information relevant
to the demographics, social integration, and economic inclusion of immigrants and persons named
in other groups mentioned in B. above into Macomb County, including
a. Customized research materials received from PNAERF under the G4G grant, and
b. Other data and information solicited from and provided by the community partners.
3. Between the community partner meetings, conduct up to 30 key informant interviews with
representatives of the sectors mentioned in C.1. above.
a. The purpose of the interviews is to identify urgent areas of concern, disparity, unmet need, etc.
for immigrants and the other groups mentioned in B. above which could be productively
addressed by the Macomb County partner community.
b. OneMacomb will advise on the QR to be used for the interviews.
c. Includes maintaining documentation of what occurs during interviews, collation and analysis of
statements and recommendations, and reporting back results of interviews at community
partner meetings.
4. With information garnered from community partner meetings and key informant interviews,
a. Recommend the governance structure and component committee structure of a new, nongovernmental,
Macomb County entity. The purpose of the new entity will be to promote both
social integration (“Welcoming”) and economic inclusion of immigrants and persons from the
other groups mentioned in B. above (and other groups which may emerge).
b. Includes meeting evaluation and maintaining records of what occurs during meetings.
5. Make a good-faith effort to identify an individual from the sectors named in C.1. above who will
voluntarily chair each committee.
6. Develop an initial set of strategies for each recommended committee to pursue, including, as
appropriate, outreach and messaging strategies addressed to the receiving community (residents
and businesses).

7. By February 15, 2017, produce and provide a well-formatted final report in both hard copy and digital
formats which includes a narrative of what was done, how it was done, who was involved, what data
and information were considered, and what products were produced, including all recommendations.

8. Although the Project Manager will function as a responsible professional, he/she will, throughout the
course of C.1-7 above, be available and responsive to inquiries

Applicants must provide all the following:
1. A resume` with standard information.
2. A narrative letter which includes evidence of how the applicant possesses the qualifications set forth
in B. above.
3. A writing sample relevant to this RFQ
4. References – Three (3) current references, with contact information, for work performed by the
applicant similar to the work required here.
5. The applicant’s total and itemized charge for performing all the work required here.
6. Letters of recommendation are optional but welcome.

For more application information, contact the American Arab Chamber of Commerce at (313) - 846 - 3322

Contact Information
  • Macomb County
  • Janine Sechrist, Department of Health & Community Services
  • Macomb County Administration Building – 8th Floor
    One South Main Street
    Mt Clemens, MI 48043